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  • Life off the Yoga Mat

your mind + your body + your kitchen

All in the middle of your work day!

Can you imagine getting excited about your next Zoom meeting?

One where you can...

sit back and watch

not have to make a presentation or contribution

maybe even turn your video off

While you absorb how to....

be more productive

be more creative

eat for more energy

make a "power lunch" with what you already have

practice yoga between work meetings

practice yoga in your zoom clothes (or whatever you wear to work these days)

It does exist

And I can bring it to you

To your virtual workplace

in the middle of your workday

It's Mind + Body + Kitchen

And it's tailored for your company.

So how does it come together?

You probably know the go to person for Health & Wellness programs (or it's likely your HR department).


You may have a team or business of your own and are looking to motivate, appreciate and inspire them at a time of continued uncertainty, stress, working from home & handling more than you usually do.

Because I want to go to work with you!

Lots of love and tons of Zoom health,


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