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Yoga Retreat Diaries: Joshua Tree

SoCal Retreat: San Diego & Joshua Tree is still in my heart and soul days after returning home. I went without knowing anyone, and left with the "retreat chat" buzzing on my phone and a newly formed meditation group (with our new friend Lama Senge, of course). I am keeping the desert vibes alive as my head spins with plans to jump on board for the next retreat.

Every day and every part of the day felt like a new chapter as we leapt from adventure to adventure in our caravan of cars (thanks to Greg, Mike & Katie!) from the sea to the sand, stopping at coffee shops, vintage stores, boutiques, the crochet museum (obviously) and view points as we went, while listening to the best Joshua Tree/California playlist.

Here is a glimpse of our fearless and fabulous leaders of this epic retreat: Katie, Erin, Maria & Terry. They crafted an itinerary complete with plenty of yoga, hikes, hot springs, flower gardens, stargazing, sunset/sunrise chasing and of course the most delicious and nourishing food to keep us going through it all. You have a place in my heart.

Words are so hard to describe the feeling of both stepping away from it all and then floating back home. Refreshed, rejuvenated, and re-inspired in yoga and life are some that reflect how I feel right now. I write this to share with you where I went but also to inspire your travel plans however they may look to you: on a yoga retreat, with your family, as a girls trip, a couples trip....the ideas are endless.

So take a look at your calendar, pick a season, then a month, then a week (or even a weekend) to plan a getaway that will refuel you and refill your cup.

In between retreats, vacations and getaways, I hope you are able to step on your mat, go for a run, sit in a quiet "serenity corner" or room in your house, take a hike in nature, or do whatever you love to find respite in between these more substantial getaways.

I can't wait to hear all about it.

Lots of love and tons of travel,


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