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you're getting the wrong answers

You google, right? you look things up, you ask your friends, you follow the trends...

the white boots

the Lulu pants

the fringe bag

the keto diet

the going gluten free

the fitness challenge

So how's it working for you?

Do you start out strong

then slowly start to veer in a different direction...

then the season changes....

or you go on vacation.....

or you just give it up....

and move on?

Whether it's a fashion trend, a fitness trend or the latest diet craze to hit your instagram, not many people stick with it for very long.

Because they aren't giving you the right answers. They can't.

They don't know you...

and your tolerance for caffeine

or your love of running

and disdain of yoga

and how you look amazing when you mix just one trendy look (like a suede fringe bag) with a completely classic look (like an all white tank & jeans).

"The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you." Coco Chanel

And google just can't answer that for you.

Only you can answer that for you. Or with my help, we can dig deeper to find that answer.

And create a complete custom lifestyle guide. One that helps you look better than (insert age 10 years ago), feel slammin' in your summer wardrobe, and walk with confidence and your head held high.

So you may talk to yourself a lot....

"Should I eat this chocolate?"

"Am I too old to shop at Victoria's Secret?"

"If I workout every day for 3 months, can I take the summer off?"

When I work with you, I get to ask you the questions, and get the right answers...for you.

Because being keto won't help you sleep better at night.

And wearing a trendy outfit won't help you lose that bloated feeling.

One more thing...

"Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off." Coco Chanel

Lots of love and tons of health,


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