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  • Life off the Yoga Mat

you're getting sleepy....

Just not when it's time to sleep.

You're getting

wired.... when you should be tired

tired......when you should be wired

hungry......when you ate an hour ago

impatient....when you most need patience

coffee..... when you know you don't need yet another cup the middle of the day

weight gain....even when you do "all the right things"

brain fog.....even after you've had that extra cup of coffee

Let's be clear, you are going to have highs and lows, you're going to feel tired and energized. This is not about finding some sort of "perfection".

But you know when something's just not right, right?

When you're ready to learn more about yourself,

and do more for yourself,

this is the place to be,

with me (and Kanan!)

in the new year.

Yes, it's coming!

Click Here for more info and to

Lots of love and tons of healthy, happy hormones,


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