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yacht rock

Yes, I'm talking about the new music trend, haven't you heard? It's one of your Spotify playlists or something you've heard at one of the outdoor restaurants you've been to lately. I got to hear it live this weekend, in a beautiful outdoor setting, under the blazing sun with my kids in tow, complaining about it the whole time.

It sounds like it doesn't go together-"yachts" and "rock", but it really does. It's not the rock music you may be thinking of, but to someone floating in a yacht, I suppose it could.

What things about yourself on the surface don't seem to go together?

you+yacht rock





you+having it all




Because they actually can go together. Like yacht rock. But even better.

Because it's not a trend,

not something you just do in the summer,

it's not fleeting.

It's inside of you, waiting for you to embrace it.

Lots of love and tons of health, while listening to yacht rock, of course,


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