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workout cocktail

We all have one, a signature, go to cocktail, but you might want to mix it up sometimes, right?

Based on the season

Based on your mood

Based on the time of day (hello, daytime rose!)

But this is about your workout cocktail, that mix of different styles of exercising & movement that motivate you, keep your body changing and guessing, and keep you out of a rut.

And it's spring (!!) so maybe you've been wanting to make a shift in the fitness department or maybe you already have.

Here's my workout cocktail right now:

2x week Pilates Reformer

2x week Hot Vinyasa Yoga

1x week Indoor Cycle Bike

*Walking after (almost) every meal

*The last part is the best part, like the garnish on the rim of your glass. If you can walk after every meal, that will impact your overall health and wellness probably more than you would think. It helps you digest your food better and keeps your blood sugar balanced (to avoid energy spikes and dips).

And the best part, you really only need 10 minutes.

That's like....

the amount of time you would take to tell your kids to get off their phone and focus on their zoom class

or the amount of time to get a cup of coffee

or the amount of time you take to figure out what you should eat for lunch

Ideally you walk outside, in nature, but as long as you're moving, you're benefitting.

So what's your workout cocktail? Over the course of the week, what are you doing this spring? Are you winging it? Or can you write down a plan, on a piece of paper. To seal it in to your brain, to own it.

And don't forget to add in the wedge of lime, the garnish, aka the walk after (almost) every meal.

Lots of love and tons of health (and workouts and cocktails!),


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