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winner, winner, apples for dinner

This is not the first recipe guide for apples you have come across so far, and it's not going to be your last. But you can feel really good about these and I have you covered for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

Yes, I just went on my annual apple picking trip, so I am feeling the pressure as the giant bowls of apples stare me down. Like my Soul Cycle bike next to my bed, the intimidation is real.

Anything else staring you down these days?

The running shoes that have taken a break

The self care plan that hit the back burner

The plan to intermittent fast, until that glass of wine came along to distract you

The apple pie

The apple cider donuts

Let's start fresh, with some healthy (and I promise delicious) apple inspiration.

Download PDF • 2.59MB

Lots of love and tons of health (and apples!),


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