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whose side are you on?

Pick a side. Isn't that what you feel you have to do? You can't even go to a social-distanced bar-b-que without something coming up about something happening in the world that always seems to boil down to taking a side. Staking a claim. Standing up for what you believe in.

Don't worry, I am not about to tell you what side to take, or what side I'm on.

And at the end of this blog, recipes await, because it all comes back to food, right?

Putting politics aside, are you on your own side? Or are you in a battle with yourself, every day, from the moment you wake up?

  • I'm exhausted.

  • What do I have to do?

  • What do I have to get done?

  • What did I already forget to do?

  • What did I drink last night?

  • Why did I drink that?

  • Why did I eat that?

  • I have to work that off.

  • I have no time to work out.

  • Because I'm already behind.

  • Ugh, here we go.

Take it back.


  • Get up early

  • Begin again

  • Start fresh

  • Do something

  • Run

  • Walk

  • Stretch

  • Meditate

  • Breathe

Pick one of these. Start there.

Download PDF • 2.17MB

And here are those recipes I promised. Side dishes. The best part of any meal, any social-distanced event. So you can get back on your own side.

Lots of love and tons of health (& social distancing),


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