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which crisis are you in?

You may be in one, approaching one, or looking in the rear view mirror at one.

The word "crisis" sounds alarming, but there is more than one kind. And when you break it down, you may find yourself in one of the three types (as taken from Essentials of Human Behavior, Hutchison & Charlesworth).

Developmental Crisis

When events in the normal flow of life create dramatic changes that produce extreme responses. Such as.....

Going to college

Graduating from college

Birth of a Child

Midlife Career Change

Becoming an Empty-Nester


Situational Crisis

Uncommon and extraordinary events that you cannot forecast or control. This is what you were probably envisioning when you read the word "crisis". Such as....

Physical injury

Losing a job

Major Illness

Existential Crisis

Inner conflicts related to issues of purpose in life, responsibility, independence, freedom & commitment. Such as....

Remorse or re-evaluation over life choices

Searching for the meaning of life

Questioning your values and beliefs

All of the above may not present a "crisis" to you, you may move through these transitions smoothly.

On the other hand, laying this out might clarify where you are or where you've been. And while that doesn't make it easier to go through it, it helps to identify, name and maybe even normalize these times of your life.

While I am not a mental health/crisis counselor (yet), as a Health Coach, I often work with people in transition. When you look in the mirror, and are ready to make changes in your life, we can look at your health and lifestyle habits. We can make adjustments according to your age and your way of living. And we always do it in a positive, healthy direction. If this resonates with you, click here to connect with me.

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