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where were you last tuesday night?

You may have to think about that one, because it's not really a wild one, that Tuesday night, is it? There's not many wild nights any other night of the week, either these days.

Last Tuesday night I spent in an "Energy Alignment Night" with my friend Heather. The best part? You don't even need to know exactly what that means. You just show up, close your eyes and Heather guides you through an hour of guided meditation and relaxation. While you are drifting away in your meditation, she aligns your energy through Reiki, and yes, she does this all on Zoom.

If your evenings are blending into one another and the Netflix night could take a break, or go on without you for once, this is the place to be.

This takes place the first Tuesday of the month, so the next one is perfectly placed as the New Year begins. I mean, who couldn't use some Alignment then?!

Heather is also offering a Holiday Special Gift Certificate:

Enjoy trying something new!!

Lots of love and tons of health, energy & good vibes,


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