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When This Is Over....

When This Is Over I Will:

  • Lose the Weight

  • Lay Off the 5pm daily Happy Hours

  • Be Less Stressed

  • Be More “Healthy”

  • Get my Resume Together

  • Take Time for Myself

The list goes on. But I’m not going to sugar coat it for you. If you are not doing it now, you will likely find new excuses to not do it later.

Being home forces you to face what you do when the diversions of everyday life are missing. When the gym, the shopping, the commuting, the kids activities, the getting dressed to go out (to work / to the yoga studio / to dinner), are all put to the side, for now.

Anxiety has crept in, along with boredom and the search for something new and exciting. This all underlies our thoughts and actions, which is why we seek out the 5pm daily happy hour, the comfort food and, as I write this, the get-me-through-remote-learning cup of coffee.

The kids, the spouse, the dog, are all there, taking over your mental and physical space.

It’s time to take it back (without tossing anyone out, I promise).

Life Off The Yoga Mat @ Home is your cure for the Quarantine Fog. The Plans are short and sweet, focused and action oriented, and the price is just right for right now. And you know that Customized Meal Guides are included, using whatever you have on hand and what you and your family like to eat most.

You can look at this time as something to “get through” or you can look at it as a sliver in time to feel better than you ever have, gain control, lose weight, and walk out looking and feeling fabulous.

There is power and potential in right now, right here, even being @Home. Check out Life Off The Yoga Mat @ Home to choose what suits you.

I hope that, as you read this, you and your family are healthy and managing as best as you can during this unpredictable time. Whether you are an essential worker working more than ever, at home with your family, running your household, or juggling all of that and your job obligations, too, please know that I recognize and appreciate you.

With Lots of Love and Tons of Health,


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