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when 15 minutes with your doctor just isn't enough

How do you prep for that face to face meeting, trying to come up with all the questions you have, without taking too much time, but walking out with some tangible info, something you can take with you and put into practice?

I really appreciate all of my doctors, and I see several-the gyn, the dermatologist, the dentist, the primary doctor, and any other specialty I may need. And I couldn't replace their expertise, knowledge, diagnosis and understanding of medicine and the human body.

But in between those check ups, what do you do?

Who do you go to?

Who do you trust?

Where do you get your info?

Is it from......

Your friend who seems to be really healthy

Your co-worker who ran a marathon so they must know everything

Family who like to tell you what to do

Your Instagram feed perpetually telling you what to buy


What if there was someone in between?

that's not a doctor

that's not a therapist

but someone who actually listens to you

who would never tell you to eat beans if you say you hate beans

and who stands beside you, to guide you

Could you use someone in those in between times, not for a diagnosis or a blood test, but for all the daily decisions you have to make?


Did I work out enough?

Is this banana going to make me gain 5 lbs?

Should I be intermittent fasting?

Will homeschooling ever end?

Is eating gluten going to give me a muffin top?

What am I going to do with the rest of my life?

If you are feeling:

Off your game

In a rut

In need of some inspiration

In need of some direction

In need of some sort of change but you're not sure what that is

I can be your health guide into the new year with all the tools you need to:

Lose weight

Sleep better

Have more energy

Eat more kale-and like it

And see what my clients have to say....

"When I started with Jill, I was stuck in a plateau. I was eating healthy and working out without seeing results. With her guidance and advice, I developed tools to meet my goals. Within a few short weeks, I saw the results I had been looking for but was unable to achieve on my own. I lost over ten pounds. And I don’t just mean losing water weight which often comes with yo-yo dieting. I am talking about almost two jean sizes difference in my body. Plus, I continue to see the benefits months later." Jen M.
"I was feeling overwhelmed with the amount of food that had an adverse effect on my body, and Jill helped me find healthy alternatives to these foods." Krista V.
"Jill's detox helped me get back on track during summer and even shed a few pounds!" Romy M.

Lots of love and tons of health,


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