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what's in a wellness resort weekend? (+ a recipe)

So many things!

I am fresh off my first wellness resort weekend and it totally delivered on its promise....

To relax

To rejuvenate

To clear your mind

To leave your phone behind

And all that you could imagine that bring you closer to the coveted present moment.

But throughout the weekend at Miraval Arizona there were so many more takeaways. So if you are considering a wellness retreat weekend (and I hope you are!!) here are my top takeaways, tips and observations.

  1. If you are looking for a health conscious, soul seeking woman in her 40s, 50s or 60s, dressed head to toe in upscale athleisure, look no further, she is there (cue my hand raise).

  2. Yes, there was alcohol, and yes, I drank it. My first lesson upon arrival was in crafting a Spicy Pomegranate Margarita. Salud!

  3. Your weight does not determine how healthy you are. Lessons and reminders on a healthy lifestyle are infused in the program.

  4. Thai Massage- Wow!!

  5. Look up! And leave your phone behind.

  6. As you wash your hands repeat "May I be happy. May I be well. May I be safe. May I be peaceful and at ease." To some, that gets an eye roll, until you take a moment to think of how you typically talk to yourself. Add to that how many times you wash your hands. Hmmmm....

  7. Adults Only. Ahhhh....

  8. After your Chakra Clearing Yoga Class, there are plenty of Chakra Clearing Crystals and other boutique wellness products to be purchased just steps away.

  9. Just Cook For Me! Yes, it's an offering, and yes, I happily accepted the 5 course meal with wine pairings, among a group of 15 new friends. One who offered to travel to India with me (someday:)).

  10. Chimichurri Sauce...Put this on everything! One of my takeaways was this recipe for Chimichurri Sauce that we made......

  • Half bunch of cilantro

  • Half bunch of parsley

  • One Shallot

  • 2 Cloves Garlic

  • Juice of One Lemon

  • Sherry Vinegar (or Red Wine Vinegar)

  • Olive Oil

  • Chili Pepper Flakes

  • Salt & Pepper

Chop and combine first 4 ingredients. Mix in lemon juice, add in olive oil and vinegar to your desired taste and consistency-I make it so the herbs are swimming in the oil/lemon/vinegar. Chili/Salt/ Pepper as you please.

Goes great on steak, fish, chicken, or your favorite "grain bowl". Drizzle it on, it doesn't disappoint!

It was the kind of experience that doesn't rub off right when you leave. It seeps in after you've left behind the plush bedding, spa treatments and all those amazing smoothies.

We shouldn't have to travel across the country (FYI-there is also a Miraval in The Berkshires and in Austin, TX) to reset and rebalance your life, but physically taking yourself away from your environment...for a weekend, a day, or a few hours, can give you a new perspective and help you see more clearly where you are and where you want to be.

So take a moment, close your eyes, take a breath, reset your vision. And look up!

Lots of love and tons of health,


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