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well, I've been afraid of changin'

cause I built my life around....


remote learning


martinis at 5

corn pudding & ribs

However you fill in that blank, as the Dixie Chicks say, we are all afraid of changin'. So I'm here to ease the pain of change. To gently replace...

the after dinner wine by the fire with a cup of ginger tea

the bag of chips with coconut lime energy balls

the third cup of coffee with an adaptogen-fueled almond milk latte

and the same old meal rotation with fresh, new ideas

On that note, here you go, your Sunday Meal Prep Program. And if you are lucky enough to be reading this on a Monday, you have all week to

look at the pretty pictures of all the meals you'll be eating next week

print out the done-for-you grocery list

see how quick your prep will be with the handy step by step prep guide

5 Day Meal Prep Sunday Program
Download PDF • 2.88MB

Enjoy and please post & keep me posted on anything you do or make or are simply inspired by!!

Lots of love and tons of health in the fabulous fall season ahead,


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