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weight vs. wardrobe

what's your go to?

Do you weigh yourself every day, without fail, to know you are "ok", "reigned in", not "out of control".


Does the scale freak you out, and you prefer to pull on your jeans and pray that they fit like they did last year.

I mean, this is when the pile of jeans in your closet gets dusted off, rearranged, shaken out and tried on again. It's like the moment of truth, it measures all you've done all summer long, all quarantine long, all weekend long.....

Or so you think.

There's another contender to add to this....that has been creeping up for years...until you can't ignore it any more....


It's a buzzword along with:

  • hormones

  • balance

  • menopause

  • weight gain

  • brain fog

  • exhaustion

  • supplements

  • low.....iron.....magnesium....Vitamin D....Omega 3....B12......

  • my jeans just don't fit like they used to

  • fill in your blank symptom, it's probably related

And just like you're 13 all over again, you've got to figure it all out...again!!

So you have a couple of choices:

You could:

Read all the online articles that mention: weight loss, energy boosting, glowing skin and age defying

Buy all the supplements you read about in Shape Magazine

Talk to yourself everyday about how annoyed you are about how you ate/drank/stayed up too late/didn't exercise enough


You could:

Work with me, to cleanse your diet, vent about stresses in your life, channel your energy to what fuels you and yes, lose that layer that has been hanging out or creeping up.

Lots of love and tons of health,


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