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ultimate fall checklist

Yes, it's here, that time of year. That shift in weather, mood, energy. Go with the flow of fall, and make changes that feel right for right now.

You are ready for a transition, and here are some main categories of your life to consider.


I've talked about your workout cocktail, that changes from season to season, from hot to cold. Just like switching from margaritas to red wine, how about adjusting your fitness routine?

Here are some of my favorites, with links, in case you're ready to click.

Cycle Bike (can you buy one from a friend at this point?)

Get outside (sign up for a race, go for a run, a hike, or bike)-this is the best time of year-you know, ideally not too hot, ideally not too cold ("ideally"....these disclaimers are necessary when you live in or around New Jersey).


We all need a little fall food inspo, as we change up what we eat and how we prepare it. Switching from smoothies to soups, the grill to the slow cooker. Here's a fall food guide to get your ideas flowing.

Download PDF • 3.22MB


Easy for me to say, because I've told you I'm back in school. But there are other, more immediate ways, to educate yourself. Here are some ideas.....

Listen to Podcasts (NY Times "The Daily" is a great go to)

Take a Cooking Class

Host a Cooking Class (Pasta Making 101, anyone?)

Learn a new Language

Attend a Sound Healing Session

Take a Meditation Class (I practice TM -Transcendental Meditation-you can look up a TM Center near you)

Take a Yoga Teacher Training (good stuff even if you decide not to teach)

Become a Fitness Instructor

Volunteer for a cause that is important to you

Wherever this fall season takes you, I hope that you feel your feet on the ground and the cool air around you. And that you not only fill your time with all the things to do and places to go, but that you surround yourself with all the people that matter most to you.

Lots of love and tons of health this fall,


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