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What triggers you?

Doesn't that just sound negative? Like I'm asking you to tell me what pushes your buttons, what fires you up, what sets you off. Better said- what stresses you out?

Stress is often triggered by something out of your control. Something someone says that pisses you off. A deadline put upon you that is totally unreasonable. Complete overwhelm of managing kids, work, life. A life circumstance you can't seem to shift in the direction you want-your kids, your relationships, your friendships, your job. The jeans that just won't f-ing button, despite your best efforts at eating all the kale you can muster.

You typically come to see me with some of the above occurring in your life. And my advice, my plan, my proposed solution for you often includes a meal plan. I mean, why on earth does a list of recipes and a grocery list have anything to do with reducing your stress?

Because sometimes what you need is to regain control and focus your energy. In a positive way. And that's hard to do on your own, under stress, when you're triggered.

You have more to deal with to release the stress, I know. You have to go deeper, uncover your patterns and habits and why they are there in the first place.

That is called therapy: the why, the uncovering, the working through what has brought you to where you are right now.

This is called Health Coaching: the action you take, the revelations you make, the steps you take to move forward.

Both are good, no, both are great, vital, important. But which do you need? Right now.

The stress is not all bad, it's speaking to you, telling you something, and hopefully it will trigger you into taking action, not just taking it in.

I've got your back, with recipes galore and so much more. And no giving up wine and chocolate. I actually help you eat way better chocolate and drink the best wine.

Click here to get started with a conversation.

Lots of love and tons of health,


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