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this one goes out to the one i love

Think of the one you love. Whoever came to mind when you read that.

The one whose love is unconditional.

Where words are just not necessary.

Where quality time means everything.

For me, in this moment, the one is Simba, he was almost 13 year old, my gentle giant.

What does this have to do with health & wellness?

Everything. Going through something emotional has such a ripple effect through your whole body.

I am comfort eating.

And I cry.

I sit and meditate.

And I cry

I eat a bagel with cream cheese.

And I cry.

I take a walk with my husband.

You get the idea.....

We are so affected by everything around us.

Everything within us.

Don't think that the loss you suffer

or the relationship you love

or the job you hate

is not affecting

your sleepless nights

your cravings

your over-eating

your over-drinking

your motivation

your dragging through the day.

My house is echoing with loss, and I feel it in all parts of my body, my mind and this hollow feeling seems to follow me wherever I go.

Please don't tell me "this too shall pass", I wouldn't say that to you. I would let you feel, I would let you be. You can't get over something but you can get through it.

Thank you for reading, listening and remembering with me.

In sweet memory of Simba (2007-2020),


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