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the look of love

What does love look like to you? What does it feel like? How do you give it and how do you receive it?

Because how you love is just as important as who you love.

Heres your guide to how to give to those you love, depending on who you're giving to. And it's all based on "The 5 Love Languages."

Are you gifting to someone who reads the card and barely cares about the present?

They are going to appreciate words of affirmation. What if, all week long, you gave that to them. Just said something so specific each day- "you look so good in those jeans" or "your team at work is so lucky to have you as a boss" can go a long way. And a card left for them, without occasion, expressing all these things, is like gold.

Are you gifting to someone who would prefer a head massage to a perfectly clean house or a home cooked dinner?

They are going to appreciate physical touch. Give them a head massage, a foot massage, give them a hug, make a point this week to embrace them, get close to them, every day.

Are you gifting to someone who is always doing things for you-getting your car washed, cleaning the house, fixing everything, making dinner?

They are going to appreciate you doing something for them. Pick up the dry cleaning, clean up the dog poop, vacuum the living room, take out the garbage. Make (or order!) their favorite dinner on a random Tuesday with all the details covered-table set, water glasses filled, wine poured.

Are you gifting to someone who just wants to sit with you on the couch, who loves a good date night, who wants your undivided attention?

They are going to appreciate you putting the phone away, planning a night or day out, or having a movie night where they get you all to themselves. Even a cup of coffee in bed, before life gets going, can be like a slice of heaven.

Are you gifting to someone who likes to, well, receive gifts? Like, those who gush when their kids bring home 3 wilted flowers from the neighbors yard?

They are going to appreciate receiving gifts. But you can get creative with this one, it doesn't have to cost a lot to mean a lot. A journal and a pen, frame a picture of the two of you, set up your tv to play back photo memories and have wine & chocolates to go with the viewing session.

Even with all the time you may be spending at home, we often don't get truly close enough to the ones we love. We hover over our phones, we go through the motions of life, of work, of homeschooling, and rinse and repeat. We also tend to give what we like to receive, which is why we may feel like the gifts, the gestures from those we love, don't always hit the spot.

Lots of love and tons of health,


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