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sunday styles

Don't you love that section?

As much as you are drawn to a good headline, there is something about going in deeper, peeking inside someone's house, someone's closet, someone's daily life, that is intriguing.

What's your Sunday style?

Is it binge-worthy- on food, Netflix, scrolling to catch up on everyone's weekend happenings?

Is it vigorous-workout. grocery shopping. cooking prep for the week. emails. catching up before Monday eats you up.

Is it a family day-no screens, getting out of the house for the sake of detaching from the pulls of the, well, the screens.

Is it sunday funday-food, drink, friends & family, maybe a fire pit or a football game mixed in.

It's a day you often don't want to plan, enough of that happens through the week and even into Saturday.

Which you need, laxing rules and schedules.

But it probably has a word that would sum it up. And you actually get to pick the word.

How about this one?

Self Care Sunday

Still no rigid rules, or "things to do".

Just an underlying sense of doing things that take care of you and those around you:

How you eat

How you drink

How you communicate

How you relax

How you move or get outside

How you let go of the "have to's"

I don't want you to make Sunday anything other than fulfilling for you. As long as it's really fulfilling.

Keeping in mind that it sets you up for Monday.

Enjoy your Sunday, however you label it.

And if 15 minutes of yoga fits into your day, you know I have you covered.

Lots of love and tons of self care,


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