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still burning after all these years

“Hey, kids, this is the kind of day that you don’t think you’re getting a lot of sun, then you get burned. Make sure you put on sunscreen.”

These are my exact words, and 4 hours later, I am noticing that crispy feeling on my stomach, my chest, oh no, here we go.

I can be annoyed at no one but myself, which is so annoying.

This is not new, this is something that happens again and again. And, while, over the years, I have certainly gotten better about sunscreen and not getting burned, it still happens.

Your turn to fill in the blank with this title, what keeps happening again and again, year in, year out?

“Still ____________After All These Years”

What would you fill it in with?

Still dieting

Still talking about starting that business

Still stalking for that perfect house

Still saying “I’ll never drink again!”

Still trying to “lose 5 lbs.”

Still getting excited about a goal, then watching it fizzle out

Because wherever we go, there we are.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Summer is here and I don’t want you to get burned….again.

I want you to enter the fall and while everyone is saying, “oh my gosh, I was so bad this summer, I have to get back on track”, you can have that inner smile, that inner voice, saying “oh my gosh, I’m so glad I had a great time and feel amazing, too.”

Can you do that on your own? Yes, of course, I mean, you went to college, you have birthed and raised children, you run a household, you ran a marathon (or a half….or a 5k), you know how to google, you subscribe to wellness blogs, you workout what feels like 40 hours a week, of course you can do it.

But if for some reason you aren’t doing it, I can hold you accountable to get it done.

It starts with a conversation. Yes, one of those things we used to have before texting took over our lives. On the phone or on a walk, we get to talk. About you. About your goals.

I really hope to see you this summer, at the pool or the beach, and if you wouldn’t mind, please remind me to put on sunscreen!

Lots of Love, Lots of Sun & Tons of Health this Summer,


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