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solve for y

Remember solving for y in 5th grade? With homeschooling, you are probably now helping your kids solve for y. But it's kind of satisfying, right? To solve a problem, find an answer, and move on with your life.

But so often, in your day to day, you just linger in the equation, thinking of how you might solve it. Then getting busy with work. Then the dishes. Then the snack you're craving.

When you come to my yoga class, you solve for y. We take a challenging pose (y), break it down in to little parts, build your strength, your coordination, your flexibility, your range of motion, and then integrate all those parts to create a shape, a sum of the parts. And it clicks, you get it, you did all the work and you see where it gets satisfying.

So what's your y?

What are you solving for in your life?

Because without your y, you may be floating a little, not so motivated, not so energized, not so engaged.

But when your y is clear, something happens- momentum, determination, focus, drive, energy.

Here are some y's I solve for:

Fitting in your jeans

Losing "that" weight


Meal Planning

Flexibility, breath, strength, calm, range of motion, ease of movement

The transition between who you were and who you want to be-even if you're not sure of the answer quite yet.

Lots of love and tons of health,


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