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savor the summer

Are you feeling it? The mid-summer baked in goodness. Stay with it, keep soaking it up. You are settling in to the weather, feeling smooth in your skin-and your summer skirts- and easy on the routine.

If you are back and forth beaching it, up and down the parkway, you may be slipping from some of your routine eating habits (or is that just me??). When you do find your two feet on the ground, in one place for a while, here are some recipes to grill up.

This is not a "detox", a "have-to", an "I'm eating "bad" so I need to be "good". This is a way to savor the summer, and eat what really nourishes your body, mind & summer skin.

Maybe one of these meals will pair well with your sparkling water with lemon, your homemade peach iced tea, or even your favorite margarita* (*in case that's your drink of choice-make it yourself! tequila blanco, lots of fresh squeezed lime, seltzer...done!).

So take a moment to savor this beautiful and fleeting time of summer, and do it deliciously!

Lots of love and summer sun,


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