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Remember hitting replay when you heard your favorite song on your favorite cd? Like Alanis Morissette "You Oughta Know" -

in your car

20 years old

feeling the freedom

the emotion

the rage

What time of your life would you replay? and why?

Is it

Your 20s

Your 30s

A super specific number like 28?

Why was it so great? The way you looked? The way you felt?

What happened to it?

My guess is that you may have let go of you to catch on to something else (marriage, babies, house, job, life)

I mean, I just don't remember having conversations about "gluten" and "detoxing" in college.

Now, those words seem to slide into most conversations I have.

What time in your life did you feel your best and why?

Because it's not about going back in time, I don't think you would even if you could. It's about capturing what you want more of in your life in the way that you want it now.

It can look like less weight (and less frustration when shopping for clothes), more energy, or healing your gut from all that "fun" and gluten you've been enjoying your whole life.

And don't forget to tell me your favorite time in your life and your favorite replay song!

Lots of love and tons of health,


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