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pipe dream

Would your parents ever have built something like this for you? Not mine either.

But this was our weekend project. We dedicated all this time, preparation and attention to detail (well, my husband did, mostly, while we pitched in wherever he would let us).

What has happened from then until now?

We have shifted. Just as our parents shifted from their parents.

But sometimes we forget that we can shift. We hold on to....

How we've always been

How we've always done things

How we've always eaten

How we never lose weight

How we just are who we are

And sometimes we don't know how to shift....

How to change habits

How to not feel guilty

How to eat kale and like it

How to stick to something

How to actually feel good about yourself

The good news is...

You don't have to know everything.

Because if we can build a half pipe in our backyard, your goals are certainly not a pipe dream.

Here's to lots of love, tons of health and crazy backyard projects,


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