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Oops, I Did It Again

Are you prepped for your weekly grocery store trip? I mean, there is no going back- in and out, one shot, mask on, list in hand, ready to go.

Then you get home and….you forgot the limes. And you use them for, like, everything. In your weekly Chicken Marinade (w/lime juice, honey, cumin, cilantro & salt), your Crowd Pleasing Guac (lime juice, red onion, cilantro & salt) and of course your cocktail of choice. Lime is essential in your Margarita (cleaned up with just tequila & lime & maybe a splash of seltzer), your Vodka & Soda (the lime just brightens it up) and for the daily Mocktail (seltzer & lime on ice- in a crystal wine goblet, of course).

So the lime is kind of essential to these cornerstones of your week. Can you do without?

Yes, you can, but you won’t have to anymore.

Here is your I Love Lime Meal Guide complete with grocery list so you don’t forget lime ever again. Or avocados. Or cilantro. Or any of your favorite must have, go tos that just make your week a little easier and a little more delicious.

This is why all of my Programs include Meal Guides, because when you are trying to get your act together in the kitchen, the rest of the day gets a little easier. Homeschooling is not such a drag, your dog gets an extra walk and your mind is not so, let’s say, “crowded”.

Grab your I Love Lime Meal Guide and get out of your grocery shopping/cooking rut!

Get more energy, focus & motivation with me in and out of the kitchen. To start, Let's Zoom, Talk or Social Distance Walk.

Here's to an easy breezy, "I got this" kind of week ahead.

With lots of love and tons of health,


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