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Nourish & Nidra with us- IRL!!

While Kanan & I have loved hosting all the Zoom workshops to get you healthy, balanced, detoxed and moving in the right direction in your life, we are thrilled to be back in person for this perfect-for-the season event!

Nourish & Nidra is happening Sunday, December 12th from 5-7pm.

And it's in person.

And it's in a brand new location.

40 Park Wellness Yoga Studio & Dining Room.

This new wellness space is located in the heart of Downtown Rutherford, NJ.

If you would love to move through this holiday season with ease, sleeping soundly through the night, and being able to maintain your weight, all while eating delicious food and enjoying every celebration, this is the place for you.

There are 2 parts...


Yoga Nidra, known as "yogic sleep" is a powerful yogic meditation technique, that is very simple for an individual to practice. If you can lie on the floor, you can participate in Yoga Nidra. You are guided through a meditation that is effortless.


We will share a Sunday Supper, a meal based in the Ayurvedic tradition. Your body will begin to sync with the fall/winter "Vata" season that we are in with this nourishing, delicious meal.

Throughout our time together, you will learn how to love your life in sync with the season,

to feel your best on the inside and therefore look your best on the outside.

We hope to see you there!

Jill & Kanan

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