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So, this is in my friend's backyard. And it's less than an hour from where I live. I couldn't believe it. Like, what else is here that I don't even know about? Makes you wonder what else is out there, right near you, that you rarely venture to find, right? And makes you want to see what else you are missing, what is right there but you never went far enough to see it.

Don't you find yourself going to the same places?

Seeing the same people.

Doing the same things.

Eating the same foods.

I know that right now, that may be the smartest, safest thing to do. But in the bigger picture, think about your world and how small it is. How small you make it.

Want to expand it?

A little?

Maybe not now, but how about in January?

Maybe not out, around other people.

But how about at home, virtually?

If you are going through changes in your life, a metamorphosis, but you're still eating the same, working out the same, drinking lots of coffee to wake up, and wine to wind down, there may be another way.

If you are ready to switch it up in 2021 and you are....

A woman

In your 40s

Or early 50s

In Perimenopause

Or Menopause

I have the place for you.

To see things differently.

To focus on yourself.

To ask questions.

To get answers.

My friend and colleague, Kanan Kapila and I are looking at our modern lives through the lens of Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of healing and living.

We'll be talking about....

The signs

The symptoms

What to expect

And how to alleviate it

How to balance it....


Lots of love and tons of health, through all of the changes ahead,


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