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level up

we talk so much about the body...

the workout

the yoga

the kale

But what's going on in the mind? What level are you at?

According to the Yoga Sutras, and taken from "The Heart of Yoga" by T.K.V. Desikachar, there are 5 levels of mental functioning....which level are you?

Level 1: Ksipta

Kind of like a drunken monkey, swinging from branch to branch: thoughts, feelings & perceptions come and go rapidly. You are hardly aware of them and there is no thread to link them.

Level 2: Mudha

Your mind is heavy, like a water buffalo standing for hours in one place. Think of how you feel after eating too much, sleeping too much. Or if you've been making attempt after attempt to reach a goal and you just feel defeated, with no motivation to continue.

Level 3: Viksipta

Your mind is moving, but the movement lacks consistent purpose and direction. You encounter obstacles and doubts, you vacillate between certainty and uncertainty, confidence and diffidence.

*This is the most common state of mind

Level 4: Ekagrata

Your mind is relatively clear. Distractions do not phase you so much. You have direction, can move forward and keep your attention on your goal.

Level 5: Nirodha

Your mind focuses exclusively on one thing without being disturbed by other thoughts or distractions. Your attention is consistent and focused.

Wouldn't that be nice, Level 5? Don't you feel a little different as you read each of the levels? Like the mind grows calmer as you pass through Level 3 and into 4 & 5? But yet we are mostly lingering at Level 3.

Knowing these levels, does it give you a sense of control over your mind? Like, now that you know this, you can see it in your life and make shifts to climb this ladder, rising above the monkey mind, the busy-ness for the sake of busy-ness, the multi-tasking, the restlessness.

Sometimes getting all of that going on in the mind

out into the open

talking it out and moving through it

can really make you feel lighter

make life feel a little smoother

If you are ready to level up, we can take on the food & the habits, find you some joy, direction and focus in life in the process. Click here to connect.

Lots of love and tons of health,


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