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january jumpstart

Yes, I got this for Christmas. And yes, I love it.

So I am literally jumping into the New Year.

So, what are you jumping in to?

Let's get out a fresh notebook, to a fresh, clean page and figure it out.

Here are some questions to answer for you to get your head in the right space for the New Year.

What are your top dreams & goals for the year ahead? You can start with things you know are going to happen, that you've planned. This will get your pen moving on the page. Then add on the good stuff, the things you are not even sure how you are going to achieve-personal, professional, big or small. Just by writing it down, you will get your brain working on figuring it out.

Imagine yourself at this time, next year.

What are you doing?

What would have to have happened for you to say the year was a "success"?

Finally, come up with a word that encapsulates the year ahead. Some words to get you thinking...

Strong Healthy Transform Energetic Appreciation Rest Reclaim

Lots of love and tons of (fill in your blank) in "22,


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