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i was so hungry

During my first detox, in between those delicious, nourishing meals, I would get hungry, and it was hard. But it made me stop my knee jerk reaction to:

having a cookie after lunch

have wine before/during/after dinner

drinking something/eating something/drinking something/eating something....

Before that first detox, I had never really had to think about what I ate. I kind of just ate what I wanted. But I was about to turn 40, and clothes weren't fitting as well as I'd like and the areas of my body that were never a problem, were actually becoming a problem.

So as I embarked on this detox to start the new year, even though I was eating whole, nourishing, delicious foods...... I would get hungry.

Not only was I hungry when I was hungry, but I was worried about getting hungry, like, what will I do, how will I handle this?

For me food was....

a break from my every day routine

a moment to allow myself to sit

something that centered me when I felt scattered

what I did when I was tired

what I did when I was bored

when I was stressed

a way to reward myself

a way to treat myself

But if you read that list again, separating it from my response of "eating my way through it", you could respond in so many other ways. So I learned to.....

practice yoga

drink water with lemon

drink tea


call a friend



go to bed early

go shopping (ok, I'm not perfect, and neither are all the replacements:))

So if you are ready (and maybe a little scared) to embark on change this spring, you will have a community of support in this Spring Cleanse, our "Detox Done Together".

And there will be space to question, to vent, to be supported and to be educated.

Lots of love and tons of health,


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