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i'll give you goosebumps

I did it. For 30 days straight. Cold showers. Told you I'd give you goosebumps.

Why did I do it?

I was tired of being cold all the time.

Why might you want to do it?

  • A jolt of energy-that lingers through the day

  • To kick start your metabolism

  • To get in a better mood

  • To boost your immunity

After listening to this podcast from Melissa Urban, founder of Whole 30, I had every reason to do it and all the tools I needed:

  • how long in the shower...... build up to 3-5 minutes

  • how cold does it need to cold as your cold shower goes

  • before or after a workout......before

  • how to breathe.....alleviate the initial "gasp"

  • how to make it suck less.......add music

Why did I stop after 30 days?

You will keep doing something when you really feel the effects and the benefits. I did feel an energy boost, I did feel a little less reactive to the cold. But it was another thing to do in the morning. So it's in my toolbox and I will take it out again when I need it.

Why should you start?

If anything above resonated with you, if you are looking for some additional stimulation, and if you are reading this in the hot month of August, this could be a good time to start, to try it out.

And please let me know how it goes.

The more Health Coaching I do, the more I realize that you look for Health Coaches everywhere. You follow people, you visit doctors, you talk to friends.....all for advice on:

  • what to eat

  • to detox

  • to be Paleo

  • to lose weight

  • to get inspired

  • to learn how to run a marathon

  • to homeschool your children

But you need it to work

for you

for your life

at your age

with the amount of kids you have

with the job you hold

with the household you run

with your limitations and preferences

and everything else that makes you, well, you

A podcast can talk to you, but you can't talk back.

A doctor can talk to you, but you need to talk back fast.

A blogger can speak directly to you, but you can only take it in.

If you want a back and forth, a give and take, and some perspective, along with

real action

real results

real food

Lots of love and tons of health,


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