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fill in your blank

It's March, now what? There is no fascinating headline to kick off this month. It means so many different things to each of us. With the memories of one year ago, heading into a year of uncertainty.

But it still offers some promise, some hope that by turning the calendar page, there is something on the other side. A transition, a shift, your own fill-in-the-blank month.

March will be the month of _________:





Lemon Water

More Daylight

Less Snow

More Fun

Less Coffee

Bright Green Shirts

Finishing that book

Choose one thing to do this month, to mark it, to own it.

I'll go first......

Date Nights-I am making sure that I make the reservation, set aside time and plan ahead for nights out with my husband during the month of March. We are "together" a lot, but tend to wander in different parts of the house. And end up with more conversations about household management than why we are together forever and ever.

Fill in your blank and let me know what you come up with. Just telling another person will make you more accountable to making it happen.

Lots of love and tons of health,


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