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It's not like it used to be, but you're in your car a lot, right?

And it's a sort of refuge, a place you've customized and made your own.

You have

Your almond milk latte

....or fancy bevy of choice

Your set radio stations:




80s on 8

90s on 9

Your fruity lip balm & favorite doterra on guard hand sanitizer

But really, you spend a bit of time there, what can you make of it, this car time?

Catch Up On Podcasts

What interests you? Or what are you working on in your life? Think about it before getting in the car to avoid flipping through Spotify at traffic lights.

Talk to your Kids

If you're not alone, the car is a great place for conversation, especially with less- than- talkative kids, a lot can come out. Make it a no phone ride, keep it quiet and see what comes up.


I mean, not while driving. But I have a feeling you have some waiting involved. Like, while waiting to pick up from sports. Waiting to go inside because you got there a few minutes early. Close your eyes and be quiet, if you're afraid of falling asleep or zoning out, set a timer on your phone for 5 minutes..

Think before you drink

What are you consuming in the car? It can be a way to pass the time, to sip, while you're actually sitting. Be mindful of what it is, because you're multi tasking and less aware of what you're consuming.

Ditto for eating..

Better yet, try to skip that in the car when possible. But, if it does happen, because it will, my fave car snacks are an apple and nuts. Hard to overeat either and it'll keep you from crashing later on.

When in doubt-Fake an Errand

If working from home or homeschooling or cabin fever, or any combination of those, creeps in, yell out, "be right back, running out for a minute" and go! Take a drive, maybe park down the street and close your eyes. Maybe call a friend. Maybe blast 4 Non Blondes. Maybe have a cry.

I hope you look at your car with more appreciation for all it can offer you, and your sanity, especially during these trying times.

With lots of love and tons of health,


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