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chewing ice....and other things I considered normal

If you do on.

If you don't do on.

You probably have another habit you currently consider normal, but also in the back of your mind, question it.

I mentioned this years-long habit to my dentist, in fear that I was damaging my teeth. I mean, I was chewing ice even in January....all day.... in the car..... near or far.....

And he asked me "Do you have low iron?"

As a result of this insight & ensuing conversation, I went to a primary care doctor, had a full physical, and it turned out that my low iron was a huge red flag waving in the wind.

My dentist could not help me with the actual issue of my low iron.

But he was my sounding board to motivate me to take the next step.

Because you already know when something is a little off, even if you tell yourself otherwise.

Six+ years ago, I started to say &. accept the following ....

"I'm almost 40, so I guess that my body is just changing...."

"Gaining weight is just a normal part of aging"

"I never had a muffin top, buuut, I am getting older..."

"Starbucks drive thru at 3? Absolutely!"**

** Ok, afternoon coffee is still a fave of mine, but I can also understand what it signals to me (I'm tired, I'm thirsty, I'm looking for a break).

What are you accepting? About your...




Way of Eating/Drinking/Snacking


If you are starting to look closer at your overall health & wellness, let me ask you about it. If you're curious about how much better you can look & feel about yourself, let's talk.

Lots of love and tons of health,


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