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bye bye key lime pie

Have you ever had a craving, that was sparked by what you were doing at the time?

Watching a movie and looking for popcorn

Feeling the weather get warmer and wanting to switch from red wine to white

Sitting on the beach and longing for a margarita

Feeling tired and reaching for chocolate

Feeling bored and digging for chips

Being in the Florida Keys and trying every key lime pie you can find?

That was me, and it was fun, and now its over. And I need not eat another piece of key lime pie until, well, we'll see.

Start to think about it next time you reach for something. Are you:






Or are you connecting one thing with another, like you usually do:

  • 3pm + Coffee.

  • 5pm + Glass of Rose.

  • Dessert + After Dinner.

  • Netflix + Snack

Because associations are important.....

Some are better to keep (brushing and flossing your teeth)

And some are better to toss (I'm going on vacation so I can eat and drink whatever I want).

The idea is to notice them in the first place.

For those joining the Spring Cleansing in May, this is part of it. Not just all the great recipes, the delicious food. Because that will last only as long as the detox we do. You want more than that, you want long term change, you want transformation, you want that feeling of losing a layer to last beyond our time together. So we need to go off the plate, too, and reset our habits, patterns and connections. And you get the bonus of a community of awesome women and lots of Ayurvedic tools, tips and self care.

Lots of love and tons of health,


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