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between the poses

In between the beautiful, graceful yoga poses can be




and certainly not what you want to post on Instagram.

This is me in Miami, trying to catch my balance on parking curbs, not laugh, look cool, and hurry up while the tour guide takes my picture as I make my way into a Warrior II.

But that's where we do the most work. Think of all you did to get to that "final pose" (that goal).

Whether you....

crossed the finish line

lost the weight

got the promotion

landed the deal

started your business

renovated your house

raised your children

But if you watched those as they happened -those moments, they don't look fun, shiny, sexy, interesting, pretty. They are sweaty, nerve wracking, stressful, full of doubt & questioning.

I mean, check me out, writing this blog.......not the most fascinating moment.

It's the in between/ behind the scenes moments that make your story....your story.

If you were to tell me the story of your life, how you got to where you are right now, it would be full of ......

twists and turns

unexpected set backs

bad relationships

the worst jobs

embarrassing moments

But I bet you wouldn't change any of it, because it got you to here.

So when you're feeling

not so hot

a little off balance




like a hot mess

I think you're on to something. So keep going.

And please tell me about.

Lots of love and tons of in between moments,


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