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better than a cup of coffee

Even I am hard pressed to find something better than a cup of coffee.

But, if you ever feel less than energetic at some point in the day, there is another way.

I'm talking about Restorative Yoga, and not only is it better than a cup of coffee, it can be more restful than sleep. This video is 7 minutes long, enough time to get you set up in your restorative pose.

This may seem like the last thing you have time to do but believe me, it's worth the 5-10-15 or 20 minutes of your day.

Here are the props you can gather. I also go over them in the video, one by one.

3 Bed Pillows

4 Blankets

1 Bolster

2 Blocks

Eye Pillow/Mask

Let me know how it feels, before, during and after your practice.

Enjoy and you're welcome:)


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