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Are You There Summer? It's Me, Jill.

Isn’t this picture annoying? It’s from 2 years ago, on a rooftop pool in Madrid, Spain. Given the situation right now with COVID-19, you are probably looking back at any vacation memories with a feeling of “thank goodness I took that trip” /climbed that mountain/visited my family and so on.

As we kick off another summer season, something just feels, well, different. Less exciting, less predictable, more anxiety producing.

· Will WFH end?

· Will there be summer camps?

· Will we be allowed to go in the ocean?

· If I rent a beach house, will it be clean? Is it worth the hassle?

· Will I actually enjoy going out to dinner?

· Will everything we do still be laced with stress?

With all these thoughts in your head, you may find yourself looking back at where you were last year, the year before, and so on. This time of year also happens to mark the halfway point in the year. Whatever you told yourself in January was conjured up under very different circumstances, so it is totally fair to come up with something new to focus on for the next 6 months ahead-or more realistically 3 months ahead. What is the first thing that pops into your head? Because that's it, that's the "thing" that keeps spinning in your mind even if you are doing nothing about it but talking, complaining, plotting and planning.

You have probably passed through a string of emotions in the past 2 months. With the gradual lifting of restrictions, you have been able to soften your shoulders, unwrinkled your brows, and breathe a little easier into each day. If you are following this pattern in your life, where can you take this next? Can you reset your goals? Get off the happy hour roller coaster and find peace in other places than the bottom of your Espresso Martini?

I will never tell you to ditch happy hour, unless you really want to, but what I can do is give you a conversation, a way to open up, to really figure out what is under those 5 extra lbs. that hang around your waist, and become more apparent as the warm weather approaches.

We can deal with the weight and the energy levels, the interrupted sleep, the patterns you are tired of talking about changing. If you are ready for this kind of conversation, so am I. This link will connect us and get us talking. About you. About this summer. Click Here to Dive In with Me.

With Lots of Love and Tons of Health This Summer,


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