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are you bored yet?

If you are, that's not a bad thing. It's the time of summer that I hope you're baked in to the season. It feels like you're doing a lot and nothing at all at the same time.

The kids camps are wrapping up, fall sports are starting to pick back up.

You may have some time on your hands, as the summer days wane and the fall craze is still weeks away. You may be trying to fill it in with...

Day trips

Beach days


Keeping the kids entertained

Back to school shopping

Yet another margarita...

But don't over-fill it. The fall will be so full you will be wishing for these days.....

When the streets in your town are empty.

When you can walk right in to your favorite restaurant without a reservation

When you can let the kids sleep in

When you can walk out of your house without checking the weather

We are such planners, do-ers and achievers that stillness and nothing-ness is the hardest thing to (not) do. But those are the moments when you remember to...

Reach out to a friend that pops into your mind

Pick up that book you've been wanting to finish

Walk the dog in your flip flops

Pop over to the Farmers Market

Let the kids play-unstructured, they can figure it out (sometimes)

Sit in the sun in your backyard

And of course, enjoy the final weeks of craving your morning (or afternoon) smoothie. Here are some recipes to help you sip up the last of the summer (while you have the time to gather the ingredients and make them!).

Sipping Summer Smoothie Recipes

Download PDF • 1.79MB

Just as the kids are headed back to school, I am also headed back to school for my Master's in Social Work (25 years after obtaining my Bachelor's in Social Work!). It is my goal to become a Mental Health Counselor and incorporate all I have learned through teaching yoga and health coaching. So thank you for reading, watching, listening, following and showing up at my classes. In your own way, you have inspired me, and I am very grateful!

With lots of love and all the summer sun you can soak up,


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