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all in- fall in

That's right, the calendar is slowly turning, don't you feel it deep down? The change? Yes, it comes with some twists and turns this year...

will my kids go back to school?

no, really, will my kids go back to school?

how will I work?

how will I manage?

will Jill be teaching in the studio again?

Well, thank you for asking, yes I am!!

Monday @ 7:30pm



Tuesday @ 12:15pm

Real Hot Yoga


Wednesday @ 9:30am


North Haledon

Thursday @ 9:30am



Saturday @ 12:30pm

Real Hot Yoga


*Starting September 12th

In case you were wondering....

Yes, it's hot, just as it always was

Yes, you have to wear a mask, until you step on your mat

Pre-register to get a spot, classes are much smaller

Your body & mind will thank you for coming

Still not quite ready to head back to the studio?

Click Here for a library of my you tube videos. 15 minutes-watch as many as you'd like to get your practice in!

Lots of love and tons of health, on and off your mat,


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