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Personalized Health, Yoga & Nutrition Coaching for Groups and Individuals

in Northern New Jersey

Life Off the Yoga Mat specializes in helping women lose that layer of physical, emotional and mental weight that they have been carrying around since having children.

Are you frustrated?  Don’t love how you feel? You have accomplished so much in life, personally and professionally, but you find yourself stumped and ultimately, accepting that this is just your new normal.

Life Off the Yoga Mat's programs are more than just a meal plan, a detox or a quick fix. Some of the answers are right there on your plate, and some just aren’t. This is getting to know your current self and tapping into your intuition to shed the last few pounds and create change that feels natural to you and that you can apply to last a lifetime. You may even have fun in the process.


Jill Rodriguez, Founder of Life Off The Yoga Mat

Welcome to your new life, with Life Off the Yoga Mat.

Life Off The Yoga Mat is a support structure that helps put all the parts of your life together to create the most healthy and dynamic version of yourself.   

Life Off the Yoga Mat's programs are for individuals who are looking to fulfill their health potential beyond an hour a day on the yoga mat or at the gym. Are you finding that no matter how busy your life is, you’re still searching for something stimulating and energizing? 

Life Off the Yoga Mat helps others lose that layer of "weight" that we all have been carrying around. This extra layer of weight isn’t physical.  This extra weight we carry represents a lack of sleep, lack of energy, lack of feeding yourself with foods that fuel you.

You may be raising children, running households, working in and out of the home, going to the gym, the studio, running marathons, doing all the right things but finding there has to be something more, something better. Are you feeling tired, scattered and unsure of what to do next? It’s all in our head: the stress, the worry, the to do lists, the vision of doing it all just right, and it all manifests itself on the inside and on the outside. 

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