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the rules

Remember that book? When you were single you were supposed to follow these rules to find a man and get married. It was such a sensation, the authors may have even been on Oprah. You may have loved it (secretly), or thought it was a total joke, an anti-feminist piece of work.

Regardless of your opinion of it, you do like to follow the rules. I mean, after living your life under rules from your parents, your teachers, your boss; in real life, you are suddenly kind of on your own. So you crave some more rules.

What are your rules?

Whether you followed those rules or not, you got your man, your husband, and moved on to other pursuits in your life. Such as:

  • Building your career

  • Getting more degrees

  • Having children

  • Creating family traditions

  • Carpooling

  • Book Club

And with all of that under your belt, you may have moved on to other pursuits. Such as:

  • Going back to work

  • Finding a new career

  • Raising independent children

  • Running a marathon (or a half)

  • Writing a book (or a blog)

And now you still want more, but the rules get more fuzzy. Rules like:

  • Don't eat carbs

  • Work out 6 days a week

  • Stay on trend, but don't look like you are trying

  • Pick a diet: Keto, Paleo, whatever, but pick something!

  • Detox

  • Get ahead in your career

  • Reinvent yourself

  • Get spiritual

  • Do yoga

Guess what? You can live without the stress of the rules.

Let's call them guidelines. Like a rule book that was made exactly for you. Because it's different than your friend's rule book. And you can change the title to "my best life and how to live it".

I can help you write this book. With really cool chapters like:

  • what I can eat that I love

  • where I get energy when I need it

  • exercise that I actually look forward to doing

  • getting rid of guilt

  • how to turn 40

  • how to turn 45

  • road map to my best life

Lots of love and tons of health,


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