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don't mock me

You know the trend: the mocktail.

But it's not the same as, well, a cocktail....

So why dip your foot into it? I mean, if you're not pregnant, not detoxing....

Well, alcohol is one of those things that you tend to drink the same way over time without checking in to see if it's really what you want or really what you need. You go on auto pilot, pouring wine as you cook, relaxing after a long week with your celebratory martini.

And that's totally cool.

Unless it's not.

Unless you are questioning your choices.

Unless you are overdoing it and tired of spending the following day recovering.

Unless you're just curious.

What would it be like to go a night without drinking?

Or drinking less.

I hate to break it to you, but you're not getting any younger, and sleep isn't getting any easier. And what you drink at night will affect how you manage the following day, and the cravings that creep up, and the crankiness that sets in.

So, if you're curious, give it a try, and see how you feel, how your conversations go, and of course how the following day flows.

And here is a tip in the pic: Seedlip is a trendy non-alcoholic spirit. It has an herbal quality to it that feels sophisticated. You can still raise your glass, just choose wisely what you put in it.



Cin Cin





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